Specifically designed cloud adoption roadmap

Value-focused tactics that improve the adoption of the cloud


By speeding performance and scale, cloud computing has demonstrated to be an extraordinary way of offering outstanding business benefits. Businesses may now jumpstart their journeys towards process automation and digital transformation thanks to the cloud. Every business is prepared to increase its digital capabilities in the post-pandemic market in order to create flexible and affordable workflows.

To successfully pass this milestone, the correct cloud approach must be adopted. Your end-to-end cloud strategy will be defined with assistance from the Now Cloud experts, ensuring the path to long-term success.


Our Offerings

Cloud Readiness Assesment

To determine whether your firm is prepared to adopt cloud-based service delivery models or if you'll need more resources, investments, and capabilities to digitise your workflows, our cloud experts examine and research your business processes.



Cloud Adoption Strategy

By analysing their whole enterprise portfolio and creating a plan for target platform capabilities, Now Cloud excels at helping firms create an efficient cloud adoption strategy.




Cloud Architecture and Planning

A variety of cloud solutions are available through cloud computing, including IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, hybrid/public/private, and cloud-native/agnostic options. Now Cloud assists companies in selecting a solution from among many variations that adheres to their particular business technology, operations, security, and financial standards.


Phase 1: Analyze

  • Inventory all workloads & infrastructure
  • Application classification







Phase 2: Automate

  • Determine workload dependencies
  • Determines software license strategies
  • Determines testing & Q/A requirements
  • Determines migration velocity & timing
  • High level design
  • Design documents (laC)
  • Build core cloud services


Phase 3: Deploy

  • Build migration schedule workload
  • Capture, transport AWS import, post launch configuration, completion cutover






Why Now Cloud ?

The correct cloud technology plan can support a company’s digital transformation goals and accelerate corporate success. For your cloud requirements, you must use Now Cloud because it assists in achieving.

  • Dedicated Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) Team
  • Business Value Prioritization
  • Operational Efficiency and Security
  • Cost-Effective Transition
  • Well-Examined Route to Success

Why Now Cloud?


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