Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Strengthen relationships by improving the client experience.


Now Cloud leverages a complete picture of the customer’s journey throughout their contacts with your brand thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With up-to-date and synchronised data at your fingertips, you can get total visibility into opportunities, leads, interactions, prospects, and customer accounts. 

With the integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, you may control the effectiveness of your team members who connect with customers in an omnichannel environment or gain more granular insights into customer behaviour in your interactions.

Our Offerings

Optimize Your Sales Pipeline

  • Improve the performance of your NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Facilitate Inter-Functional Cooperation
  • Possibilities to Upsell and Cross-Sell at the Apt
  • Observe, record, and react to predictive behaviours
  • Get Insights Covering Every Customer Touchpoint

Business Functions

Full Cycle CRM perpetration

  • Cost- Benefit Analysis and Quiz Cost Projections 
  • Structure Optimization  
  • Discovery, Design, Development, stoner Testing, Training, and Deployment  
  • Process Mapping and Vendor Skill Assessment  
  • On- Demand Access to Experts  
  • Comprehensive Training and Transition Support  
  • Operation Performance Monitoring

Dynamics CRM Migration, Upgrade, and Optimization 

  • Data Migration  
  • On- Premise to Cloud  
  • Monolithic to Modular Integration  
  • Resource and Use- Case Grounded Upgrades  
  • Performance and Resource Optimization   


CRM, Consulting, Advisory, and Planning  

  • Business Challenge and Need Gap Mapping
  • Business Process Performance Benchmarking
  • Digital Transformation Support  
  • Business Process Reengineering

Support and Maintainence

  • Testing, Onboarding, and Handholding  
  • Knowledgebase Creation and maintenance
  • Post-Deployment Support  
  • Timely operation and Database conservation   

License Optimization

  • Meeting stoner and Compliance Needs  
  • Alleviate the threat of Under orOver-Licensing  
  • Timely Upgrade and Renewal Reminders


  • Point and Functionality Development
  • Stoner Training, Assessment, and Testing  
  • Performance Optimization  
  • On- Demand Support   

Application Integration

  • Meeting User and Compliance Needs 
  • Mitigate the Risk of Under or Over-Licensing 
  • Timely Update and Renewal Reminders

Benefits of MS Dynamics CRM

The Sales Pipeline Must Be Optimised

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Possibilities to Upsell and Cross-Sell at the Apt

Boost Your NPS (Net Promoter Score) Performances

Observe, record, and react to predictive behaviours

Cloud Services

Why Now Cloud?

Since more than 15 years ago, Now Cloud has consistently provided enormous value to many sectors and the Microsoft Partner Channel all over the world. Now Cloud is the preferred Microsoft Dynamics Product Partner. We have advanced cloud solution capabilities within the Microsoft Dynamics environment for more than six years. We include these elements to each CRM implementation project:

  • Integration Skills for Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Social Engagement Platforms
  • Development, Delivery, and Optimization of Bespoke Solutions by Devoted Team of Professionals Using Offshore, Onsite, and Hybrid Development Models for Cost-Effective and Adaptive Delivery
  • Our team of professionals assumes complete responsibility for the whole project lifecycle and carefully aligns the implementation strategies with your specific requirements.

Why Now Cloud?


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