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Automate your DevOps CI/CD pipelines with our proprietary framework and streamline your infrastructure automation with technologies like Terraform.


A software business that doesn’t adopt the Agile methodology, which focuses on flexible or simultaneous workflows, is difficult to discover. It is not only practical but also practical to manage the deployment requests of faster development methods using the typical IT operational teams, their tools, and processes. The time has come for your business to implement a DevOps approach with CI and CD tools in order to automate the development life cycle and use a continuous deployment procedure. According to Gartner study, CIOs who haven’t upgraded the skills of their staff by 2020 will lose their jobs. 

With the help of opensource technologies, Now Cloud is currently enabling businesses to adopt the DevOps culture. Innovative tools and services that aim to combine the software life cycle with data technologies have been developed as a result of our more than 20 years of experience working with IT infrastructure that is experiencing rapid growth. This has led to a significant shift in how DevOps implementations are done.

Our Offerings

Exceptional Automation

In-house tools are provided by Now Cloud to observe the centralised configuration management of the IT stack and the continuous live logs from the provisioning of the infrastructure to the deployment in a pipeline of open source technologies. We add Infrastructure as Code software technologies to the CI/CD pipelines for both on-premises and cloud platforms.

Combining Data Services

Now Cloud DevOps fosters a distinct culture in where developers, operators, and data engineers with skills in multiple data technologies operate as an one team. In this paradigm, we augment the continuous supply and performance monitoring of the CD automation with the enterprise data storage technologies in charge of relational, NoSQL, and stream data.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

It is the hybrid cloud era right now! The multiplicity of hybrid cloud tools can impede the development pipeline in terms of DevOps. In order to unify the DevOps processes and improve the governance of several technologies to serve multiple clouds, a team of cloud trained professionals at BDS works with clients to integrate all cloud specific CI & CD tools.

Permanent deployment

A set of ideas, techniques, and patterns are used by Banyan Data Services to create unbroken continuous delivery & deployments with shorter feedback cycles. This will enable our clients to reach the market more quickly.



Management of incidents and change

For improved visibility and management of change controls and production problems, well-designed processes and automation are used in conjunction with SRE technologies. This dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to locate and resolve events, which is essential for meeting the increased SLA deadlines for business availability.

How Now Cloud DevOps Consulting benefits you?

  • Instant Deployments
  • Reduce Human Error
  • High Code Quality
  • Save Costs
  • Reduce Resources
  • Precictabilty & Scalability

Why Now Cloud DevOps?

Continuous Delivery % Integrations

Development and delivery optimization

Configuration Management

Infrastructure optimization



Extended Collaboration

Change Management

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