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Every ambitious business’s technology plan now must include the cloud. But how can the transformation be carried out without endangering important data, security, application performance, and business continuity? With Now Cloud Migration & Modernization services, is the short answer.

Customer needs are changing quickly, and enterprise technology frequently lags behind. We tackle cloud migration and modernisation in a proactive, all-encompassing, and agile manner. Our combined expertise in corporate process management, operational support, and cloud engineering unlocks a new level of capability, productivity, and seamless technology.

Our Offerings

Make Your Applications Modern

For application modernization, we create a performance-driven plan to guarantee business continuity and low deployment costs. To upgrade your system to improved code dependability, assurance, and automation with DevSecOps, the Now Cloud team offers cloud integration services and adopts a cloud-native database.

Migrate the application to the cloud

 Now Cloud specialists creates a data-driven migration strategy that results in scalable migration. We develop comprehensive cloud solutions that include high performance standards, scalability, and security across your cloud environment by examining time-to-market timelines and resource consumption.

Cloud Partner

Microsoft Azure

Working with a reputable partner who supports your use of the cloud for hybrid and business infrastructure can help you get the most out of your investments in Microsoft apps.

Amazon AWS

Using the longest operating enterprise cloud environment and infrastructure that is trusted by both the government and the open-source community.

Managed Cloud

With our proficiency in these three critical areas, we can guarantee ongoing monitoring both during and after the application migration.

Cloud Management

Improved control, greater scalability, effective orchestration, and proactive monitoring can help you manage your cloud resources.

Cloud Optimization

Deploy cloud resources efficiently and reduce waste.

On_Premise Assesstment

Examine the current cloud and on-premise environment and identify the best spots there to start an effective migration.

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