Microsoft Dynamics AX

Now Cloud can help with customizations, upgrades, migrations, or maintenance services.


On a single corporate platform, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers complete agility, visibility, and optimised business processing capabilities. Get rid of the requirement to use a variety of tools that are functionally isolated. By itself, Microsoft Dynamics AX equips your operations for both current dynamics in your industry and impending problems at the cutting edge of your vertical. Integrated platform features that meet your demands are offered in both On-Prem and Cloud choices, regardless of whether you work in manufacturing or services.

Our Procedure


  • Proof of Concept Presentation and Decision
  • End-to-End Business Case Assessment Stakeholder Management and Training
  • Decision Support
  • Project Scope Mapping
  • User-License Education and Documentation



  • Complete Functional Testing
  • Data Migration, Process Documentation
  • Need-Gap Solution Engineering
  • Integration Management
  • Stress Testing, Remediation, and Calibration
  • End-User Training
  • Go Live with project

Updates & Upgrades

  • Timely Updates
  • Hotfixes

Support Services

  • Creating internal training resources and providing 30-day support
  • post-deployment end-user support

Managed Services

  • Task automation
  • Thorough reporting and process
  • Workflow improvement

Business Applications

Finance & Operations

  • Finance & Operations Receivables, Payables, and General Ledger
  • Manage Transaction Records with Banks
  • Get Budgets Visible and Limitations Set
  • Distribute Services Across Different Functions
  • Adhere to Legal & Industry Standards


  • Get access to complete material, capacity, and resource planning tools.
  • Jobs & Related Processes Scheduled
  • Configure the necessary inputs
  • Manage Shop Floor


Supply Chain Management

  • Streamline and Document Trade Agreements Including Order Quotations
  • Control Stocks Across Several Warehouses
  • Develop an inventory distribution strategy and quality standards.

Project Accounting & Management

  • Capabilities for unified project costing, accounting, and invoicing
  • Use Work Breakdown Structures to Control Project Paths
  • Integrates well with Microsoft Project

Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Microsoft SQL Server Access to obtain template, ad hoc, and analytical reporting capabilities.
  • KPIs are tracked using customizable, defined, and multidimensional data cubes and an accessible, up-to-date dashboard

Human Capital Management

  • End-to-End HCM with Capabilities for Performance Monitoring, Training, and Recruiting
  • Control Costs Across Teams and Assist Employee Questions with a User-Friendly Self-Service Portal

Purchasing & Sourcing

  • Quickly manage and offer after-sales services. 
  • Handle orders, contracts, calls, and deliveries on a single platform.

Sales Management

  • Integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales 
  • Connector Control the Whole Sales Lifecycle Across Marketing, Lead, Opportunity, and Sales

Why Now Cloud ?

Since more than 15 years ago, Now Cloud has consistently provided enormous value to many sectors and the Microsoft Partner Channel all over the world. Now Cloud is the preferred Microsoft Dynamics Product Partner. We have advanced cloud solution capabilities within the Microsoft Dynamics environment for more than six years. We add the following to every ERP implementation project:

  • AX’s deep functional capabilities span the whole value chain.
  • proficiency in providing secure and seamless data conversion from traditional systems to the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform.
  • Common Data Models running on the Microsoft Power Platform increased project value.
  • Microsoft BI Practice, a leader in the industry, for the best implementation.

Our team of professionals assumes complete responsibility for the whole project lifecycle and carefully aligns the implementation strategies with your specific requirements.


Why Now Cloud?


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