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Founder & CEO- Ahsan Hassan

Ahsan Hassan is the CEO of Now Cloud, the leading technology trade association that aims to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve through innovation and collaboration, and serves on its board of directors.

Ahsan has over 15+ years of experience in the technology industry. Prior to joining techUK, he had a long career at MNC culminating as Vice President for Small and Medium Business and then Public Sector.

Ahsan led the transformation of Now Cloud from its predecessor Intellect in 2015, putting an increased focus on the growth and jobs the technology industry offers in a global economy. He has since led its impressive expansion driving forward the tech agenda in key areas such as skills, digital ID and public sector transformation, now leading 50-strong team and representing over 110 member companies, comprising of global and national champions and more than 198 SMEs. 

Director of Technlogy and Innovation - Ankit Rajput

Ankit Rajput leads Now Cloud’s Technology and Innovation work.

Having an experience for 10+ years, Ankit includes work programmes on cloud, data protection, data analytics, AI, digital ethics, Digital Identity and Internet of Things as well as emerging and transformative technologies and innovation policy. Ankit is also Co-Founder of SightSky Infotech that coaches a high calibre team for Senior Managers, Managers & recruiters who are trained in the ways of working of the start-up talent ecosystems and have strong out of box talent attraction. Ankit is veteran for designing and delivering high-impact TA services for large hiring mandates, including translating client requirements into execution plans including resource allocation, budgets, timelines.

Director of Sales, Marketing - Pankaj Jain

Pankaj Jain leads the communications, brand, marketing, events and membership teams for Now Cloud. Working closely for 10 years with the digital, market and policy teams, Pankaj is also Co-Founder of SightSky Infotech that strategically address how best they can engage with potential members, support our existing members, and offer real value for all our members and stakeholders.

Pankaj is a global brand, communications, marketing and stakeholder expert having worked in the membership sector for almost decade and for significant brand and marketing agencies prior to that. He has experience building and growing brands across international territories, growing memberships, and advancing the profile of flagship events and activity to gain national and international partnerships, media coverage and engagement.

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