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Digital has potential. But, going digital might be challenging. For this reason, the Now Cloud team has created the Digital Services, which can help you launch your eCommerce store and create digital marketing strategies that will eventually bring in more clients. Work with Now Cloud to close the gap created by collaborating with many vendors at various phases of the digital lifecycle and to realise the full potential of the digital frontier.

Our Offerings

e-commerce websites

  • Create a seamless online shopping experience by opening an e-commerce store.
  • Our team of professionals is ready to accelerate your eCommerce growth trajectory with years of experience, proprietary tools, and tried-and-true techniques in everything from research and online strategy to UI/UX development, corporate eCommerce development, and specialised eCommerce marketing.


Digital Marketing

  • Using a Systematic Procedure, Find & Attract Leads, Increase Conversions, and Gain Brand Advocates.
  • Our team assists you in building a brand, communicating a value offer, and successfully converting customers by bringing knowledge across the customer experience. We bring tried-and-true expertise in paid campaign management, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and SEO that has historically produced ROI as high as 90%.

Why Digital Services from Now Cloud?

Single platform, comprehensive solutions

From developing, designing, and establishing your online business to expanding with clever marketing strategies, we offer knowledge, advice, and steadfast quality across the board.

Vast Industry Experience

Throughout the past decades, our knowledgeable team of professionals has worked with over 100 clients, assisting them in acquiring more profitable clients on a wide scale using tried-and-true methods.

Industry-Recognized Security Requirements

We proactively ensure compliance with SSL Certification, encryption, and payment integration as security services professionals.

A Multichannel Approach Driven by Data

With experience across a huge universe of channels like Social Media, Google Network, Email, and Paid Campaigns, our methodology is comprehensive and iterative, filtering just the most profitable channels utilising Google Analytics, MailChimp, and other platforms.

Quick Resolution and 24*7 Detailed Monitoring

After delivering your digital assets, our team sets up manual and automated methods for 24 hour-a-day monitoring for load balancing, infrastructure management, and other concerns. In addition, our crew is constantly available for quick turnarounds.

Why Now Cloud?


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