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These days, technology is a part of every business. The seamless implementation of your corporate technology is essential to the effectiveness, integration, and continuity of your operations. Your company’s ability to access tools, platforms, and technological processes affects even how effectively you use your human resources and enterprise. With a variety of services designed to increase the value of existing, past, and future technological investments, our team of specialists at Now Cloud makes sure that your company is always scaling up for growth.

To assure a transition into a new era of secure, accessible, and seamless workplace IT experience, make use of our Integrated Network Operations Center, IT Helpdesk Services, IT Facility Management Services, Modern Workplace Management skills, and IT Security services.

Our Offerings

Modern Workplace

 For a number of years, we have been the preferred Microsoft channel partners, adding value to each small, medium, and large-scale business we have worked with. Our product expertise, capability for building solutions, and functional understanding are at your disposal to significantly increase the value of your company.

  • Adoption and Organization Change Management
  • Migration
  • Cloud (Secured) Modern Desktop
  • On-going Support

Cyber Security

Our team of professional experts is licenced, accredited, and delivers strong IT security solutions that defend your important assets, safeguard your intellectual property, and assist you in maintaining your business continuity objectives. Enjoy more reliable IT security that satisfies your company's, sector's, and compliance requirements.

  • Identity & Access Management 
  • Proactive Surveillance, Threat Detection, and Neutralization 
  • Data Safeguarding 
  • Security and Compliance  
  • VAPT 

Why Now Cloud Digital Transformation

Management of Risk

Evaluate risks and strategically minimize it.

Making Cost Efficiencies Visible

Find and eliminate cost-saving inefficiencies.

Enhancing Human Capital

Get additional value by empowering your workforce.

More customer satisfaction

Provide customers with a unique and smooth experience.

Intelligent capabilities that are proactive

Get insight into consumer and market trends.

Enhanced Marketing

Accelerate the development, testing, feedback, and launch lifecycles within your organisation.

Why Now Cloud?


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